WINDTUNE: Effect of building-generated turbulence on wind loads on factories embedded in residential areas

Funding: British Academy Fellowship & University of Birmingham 

Total funding: £250k

CARA Fellow: Assoc Prof Khrystyna Myroniuk

Duration: 2023-2025

WINDTUNE conducts rapid evaluations of Generative Designs for microclimate support systems in thermally modernised residential buildings in Ukraine to ultimately deliver Zero-Energy Buildings. The ultimate goal of this Fellowship is to investigate, in the wind tunnel facility of the School of Engineering at the University of Birmingham, the effects of upstream residential building design (e.g. low-, mid- or high-rise, or combinations thereof) on the local flow field at a representative factory building model and, consequently, the wind loads (pressures) on the factory. This will then be linked to the effects of those pressures on the operation of building ventilation systems and, therefore, indoor air quality.