This is a grant funded by a Charity total value: £621,000

Educate Ukraine is a capacity-building programme funded by the Empower Ukraine programme that aims to educate Ukrainian engineers on Eurocode-based infrastructure design and construction.

The 3-year programme (2024 – 2027) will deliver:

  • a Massive Open Online Course and Microcredentials,
  • comprehensive Continuing Professional Development seminars,
  • postgraduate short courses which are standalone credentials and can be used as credits towards a full Masters degree.

This is in response to the urgent need to educate Ukrainian Engineers and infrastructure stakeholders on how to build to, and apply, Eurocodes. At present, Ukrainian National standards are still in use and there is a significant capability gap amongst infrastructure stakeholders and engineers, identified in the Memorandum of Understanding between Ukraine’s Ministry of Restoration and bridgeUkraine.
Unless we close this essential knowledge gap, Ukrainians will not be able to reconstruct damaged infrastructure according to EU construction standards – a prerequisite for receiving funds for the rebuild from the European Investment Bank, and for Ukraine’s accession to full EU membership in the future (Art.49-Treaty).