New paper in the Science of The Total Environment

Happy to see our new paper published in the Science of The Total Environment available online here ! In this paper we have developed a novel and detailed framework for the resilience assessment of critical infrastructure exposed to a multiple-hazard environment, which is applied to a case study of a transport asset.

This is a collaborative effort between the University of Surrey: Sotirios Argyroudis,  Stergios Mitoulis; University of Padova: Lorenzo Hofer, Mariano Angelo Zanini; Strathclyde University: Enrico Tubaldi, and Lehigh University: Prof Dan M Frangopol.

The framework classifies multiple hazard sequences considering their nature and impacts, and accounts for (i) the robustness of the assets to hazard actions, based on realistic fragility functions for individual and multiple hazards, and (ii) the rapidity of the recovery, based on realistic reinstatement and restoration models after individual and multiple hazard events. It provides useful insights for the resilience-based design and management of infrastructure throughout their lifetime, leading to cost savings and improved services!

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