Sky News: our interview on flood resilience of critical infrastructure

Stergios was interviewed by Sky News this morning on flood resilience of critical infrastructure, watch the video here.
The following points were communicated: The #EnvironmentAgency has improved significantly the level of understanding and the quantification of #flood #risk with the new flood risk maps. Perhaps this is an ideal time to improve the #resilience of our infrastructure assets and #networks to floods and deliver cost-effective flood-proof infrastructure by investing in alleviation and #adaptationmeasures to increased stressors exerting on our already deteriorated infrastructure
The flood risk is exacerbated due to #climatechange and the #urbanisation ie building on #floodplains susceptible to floods
Our infrastructure is exposed to stressors that deteriorate its functionality over time, and this makes the situation more difficult for infrastructure to respond successfully to new and/or aggravated natural hazard occurrences
The government has announced (5 Feb 2020) an additional investment of £2.6 billion over six years to alleviate flood risks and protect the more than 1.8 million people in the UK who live in flood-prone areas.

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