Three new successful MSCA fellowship applications

The metaInfrastructure group is delighted to share the achievement of three successful Horizon-Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship applications :

Jelena Ninic (University of Birmingham) had two successful applications:

(Hoang-)Giang Bui will be joining us to work on TwinSSI – Digital Twin Modelling for Soil-Structure-Interaction based on CutFEM and BIM technologies.  

Hassan Liravi will be joining us with his project META-NOVIB – Digital twin for ground-borne railway-induced NOise and VIBration control with METAmaterials in underground tunnels. 

Sotirios Argyroudis (Brunel University London) secured another one:

Stavros Sakellariou will be joining our group with his project FIREWISE on proactive wildfire resilience assessment and management, including the development of vulnerability models based on wildfire’s simulations, multi-objective spatial optimisation modelling for firefighting resources and agent-based tools for evacuation planning.

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