Workshop will be delivered to Ukrainian Engineers on bridge design

We will deliver a very special Workshop to Ukrainian Engineers on the:

“Design of prestressed bridges to Eurocodes – Resilient ways to build back better”

This is an initiative of the in collaboration with the Ukrainian State Road Research Institute (see post in Ukrainian here:

Anyone is welcome to attend this Workshop as you might be able to ask, answer questions and interact with Engineers who will reconstruct Ukraine. With this Workshop we aim to create a Community of Practitioners to continuously help the engineers working in Ukraine to assess, design and reconstruct damaged bridges and infrastructure assets in a resilient and sustainable way.

7:00 am to 1:30 pm UK time, Saturday 6 August 2022, online seminar.

Register here:

The seminar will be delivered in English and will be translated in Ukrainian by Marat KHODZHAIEV, Bridge Engineer & expert on post-tensioned bridges and bridge optimization

The workshop will include three parts:
Part 1: Design of post-tensioned bridges according to Eurocodes
Part 2: Resilience in bridge and transport network design, assessment and reconstruction
Part 2: Answering questions and revising design decisions at the request of seminar participants

You can ask the questions you are most interested in on the topic of post-tensioned bridges and also send a drawing for revision. We are currently preparing the material for the seminar in order to best adapt it to the needs of Ukrainian engineers. Therefore, we will be very grateful if you ask questions, please message Marat Khodzhaiev.

We look forward to seeing you on August 6.

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