SDGs supported:

“Bridgeworks are rendered deficient within a few years of service due to the exponential traffic increase and the climate-related hazards that exacerbate the actions. Thus, it is urgently required to deliver resilient bridge designs that respond with minimal damages and are able to adapt to extreme loading conditions”.


In response to the above urgent need we deliver solutions for resilient design of bridgeworks, by integrating:

  • damage-free designs which respond to extreme hazards with minimal losses
  • construction methods and detailing to enable quick recovery and mitigate economic & societal consequences
  • accelerated bridge constructions and designs to enhance safety, quality & durability
  • structural versatility to enable adjustments of the system properties to changing loads and requirements


adaptable foundation with re-centering capabilities
& resilient column design for adjusting stiffness and damping stresses on the resilient foundation & column for dynamic rotations

displacements of a bridge foundation rocking on elastomer

pier rocking on concrete surface

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