Mini-Symposium has been announced in the IABMAS 2022, Barcelona conference

Delivering bridges resilient to multiple natural hazards and climate change is fundamental to continued economic prosperity and social coherence. Emerging and disruptive digital technologies have the potential to enhance the climate resilience of critical infrastructure such as bridges. Nevertheless, the potential of these technologies remains largely unexploited. This Mini-Symposium will show how emerging digital technologies, data and evidence will lead to more resilient bridges, by delivering efficient and reliable decision-making, in a proactive and/or reactive manner. We welcome papers in the areas of structural health monitoring, including terrestrial and airborne systems, digital data and digital twins; data integration platforms and tools (e.g. crowdsourced data, IoT, AI) used for the purpose of bridge resilience and sustainability. With this collection of papers, we aim to promote the exchange of knowledge concerning the latest research developments and practices of digital technologies, with a focus on bridges resilience and sustainability.

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